Springbreak in South Korea, Part 1

It is finally April, and South Korea had the privilege of hosting the Olympics and Paralympics, with great success. These events were being held in the same venue as the 2018 Olympics in Gangnueng and PyongChang. It is not too late to visit that area before everything is remodeled and repurposed. What an auspicious way to say farewell to the winter and hail in spring.

Yes, my fellow travelers spring is here and the snow is all but gone, as of this blog it is officially spring, the countdown for summer is on, the air is warmer and the sun is brighter. The cherry blossoms are blooming which make for a nice pleasant walk in the parks with your friends and/or romantic interest. Spring is the time of love and friendship renewed after holding up inside all winter long, which I as a fellow traveler/ blogger do not do, all seasons provide great opportunity to travel. Like I said in a previous blog: don’t be that guy; if you travel you need a plan. During spring you can expect moderate weather, nice breeze, and occasional rain, the ideal spot for spring break. That means we need to prepare and get ready to take that spring break trip in South Korea.

I have been trying to decide if I want to go to Sokcho on the east coast, Jeju Island or Busan down on the south-east coast or all the above. I have the will, I have the means of transportation and I have the time and the best part its an adventure. If I decide to go the Sokcho way then I could drive. Driving would be my optimal choice, because of me, I like to be able to stop, enjoy the scenery and soak up sunlight while breathing in the fresh mountain air and take lots of pictures. I am in total control of my own journey, isn’t that the best way to be? It is a very beautiful drive. So, it is decided, we are going to Sokcho.


Sokcho is located on the east coast of South Korea along the East China Sea. A trip from Seoul to Sokcho in the past years had been a lot longer than a day trip due to the roads system going up and over the mountains and through the valleys, or taking a long way around by going south then heading north along the coast.  More recently, a mass tunneling project has been underway and have been completed. These tunnels and highway system have cut your time of travel in half and which needless to say could be a modern miracle of engineering and a testimonial to South Korea’s compatibility. You have to see it to appreciate it. For more on this new highway visit If you have never heard a tunnel sing to you then you are definitely missing out on a treat.


So now that we have a destination in the next blog, we will talk about what there is to do in Sokcho and in the surrounding areas.


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